> The keys are currently being reset by the website administrator...

> This shouldn't take longer than a few minutes.

> In the meantime, read the text below for more information about key problems/issues.

Why can they run out so fast?

Every day, there are 250 new access keys provided. However, there's a chance that some days they can run out very fast. How? Some people set up bots/emulators on the website to grab as many keys as they can, and enter them on their referral code. People who do this usually end up getting IP-banned from our servers, but it can cost us hundreds of keys, and possibly even crash the site if this happens to an extent. This results in Error 500.

Another possibility is that you're too late to claim a key. You need to remember that there's tens of thousands of people who know about this/use it on a regular basis. Some days, there may be thousands of people waiting for a key, and only some of them end up getting one. If you can't seem to get a key, try tomorrow as the traffic may have calmed down. However, don't forget that you can claim a key right now by manually doing so. It's a fast and easy process that involves no waiting at all.

What can you do?

As people who do this make it unfair, it's impossible for us to add more keys because of our server limitations and framework. If you notice one day that all the keys are taken extremely fast, you can do one of two things. You could wait until the next day and try again, as the unfair user(s) would most likely be banned. Or, you could manually claim a key. This is the best method as you are able to bot your referral code right now without a wait.

Once the keys reset, you will be redirected automatically.

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